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RiverRestoration.org is dedicated to resolving River issues. RiverRestoration.org provides the creative planning, engineering and technical support required in any successful river project. Our philosophy is to take a whole system approach to river projects to meet the multiple needs of ecology, recreation and water users for an overall higher functioning system. We identify degradations, uncover use issues and site constaints, and find solutions that benefit the whole system.

Eagle River Recreation Enhancements at Avon (2005-2007)

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The photograph shows one of the hydraulic features, “Jr Bob”, just after construction during low flow conditions.
Eagle River, Colorado

RiverRestoration.org assessed potential recreation improvements along the Eagle River at Avon, as well as identified use patterns and limitations. Thirteen locations were assessed for river recreation and a conceptual plan with project cost estimates was developed at each site. This project empowered the Town and opened the door for working with stakeholders to move towards implementation of river projects. A complete feasibility study, concept design and final design for construction have been completed for a whitewater centerpiece at the popular Bob the Bridge. RiverRestoration.org provided engineering services for survey, permitting, design, landscape plans, and construction plans and specifications for three river recreation features. After coordinating with the CDOW a more “organic” approach was required. We responded with innovative engineering designs that did not require grouted boulders, tied the features into the natural morphology and matched the native surroundings. RiverRestoration.org provided construction services and worked diligently with the contractor to ensure specific installation of the hydraulic features. The project was successfully completed in the fall of 2006. RiverRestoration.org has also assisted the Town in filing for Recreational In-Channel Diversion (RICD) water rights ranging up to 1,400 cfs. The technical approach developed for the RICD was regarded highly by CWCB staff, which recommended approval of the appropriation.

  • Avon Cutsheet (PDF)

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    This photograph shows “Baby Bob” being tested just after construction during a rain storm event.
    • Recreation Enhancement
    • Recreational Water Right with Potential Environmental Benefits
    • Fish Habitat Considerations
    Town of Avon, CO