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RiverRestoration.org is dedicated to resolving River issues. RiverRestoration.org provides the creative planning, engineering and technical support required in any successful river project. Our philosophy is to take a whole system approach to river projects to meet the multiple needs of ecology, recreation and water users for an overall higher functioning system. We identify degradations, uncover use issues and site constaints, and find solutions that benefit the whole system.

South Fork New River Restoration

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The picture shows the South Fork New River Restoration project site under construction. Scour vanes and fine sediments are visible in the channel at the completion of the project. 1 year later vegetation had fully established and a thalweg formed with refreshed alluvium.
South Fork New River
Boone, North Carolina

A housing development along the South Fork of the New River, NC included channelization of the River. This resulted in channel head-cutting, heavy siltation of the River bed and a loss of fish habitat. The development was reclaimed by FEMA for flooding issues and RiverRestoration.org personnel lead the design of restoration. The habitat was restored with the goals of establishing vegetation on the denuded bank, installing wetlands at effluent discharge locations, diversifying the channel and mobilizing the silts. Intensive hydraulic analysis revealed a specific design for rock structures to achieve in channel goals. The project survived a 50-year storm event in the fall of 2004 with the formation of beneficial scour holes and refreshment of alluvium. Fish counts have shown a marked improvement in the holding capacity of the reach. Healthy riparian vegetation establishment and functioning wetlands were evident 1 year later.

  • Restoration of Geomorphic Processes
  • Riparian Planting
  • Bank Stabilization
  • Mobilization of Fine Sediments
  • Aquatic Habitat Enhancement