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RiverRestoration.org is dedicated to resolving River issues. RiverRestoration.org provides the creative planning, engineering and technical support required in any successful river project. Our philosophy is to take a whole system approach to river projects to meet the multiple needs of ecology, recreation and water users for an overall higher functioning system. We identify degradations, uncover use issues and site constaints, and find solutions that benefit the whole system.
Black Gore Creek

Black Gore Creek Total Maximum Daily Load (2004-2006)

Untitled Image
This photograph shows an example of the system wide aggradation caused from excessive non-point source sediments originating from the maintenance and operation of Interstate 70
Black Gore Creek
Eagle River Watershed, Colorado

RiverRestoration.org is leading a multi agency, multi disciplinary team in developing the Black Gore Creek Total Maximum Daily Load to address the impacts of I-70 on Black Gore Creek at Vail Pass. Construction, operation and maintenance of I-70 have caused adverse sedimentation in Black Gore Creek, impairing aquatic life. RiverRestoration.org has worked outside the box to create new ideas and incorporate projects that will create a functioning TMDL and guide restoration projects. RiverRestoration.org has developed a Load Capacity calculation and designed an analysis plan for the annual Source Allocation and associated Sediment Budget. RiverRestoration.org has prepared and executed a Sediment Source Monitoring Plan to support implementation of the TMDL.

  • Intergovernment and Agency coordination
  • Developed and Implemented a Monitoring Plan
  • Non-point source pollution control and restoration
  • Sediment Transport Analysis

Black Gore Creek Capital Projects

Untitled Image 2
The drawing shows the proposed plan and profile for the capital project at MM 182.8. This project has been proposed for a 319 Grant for restoration in 2008.
Glenwood Springs
Eagle River Watershed, Colorado

RiverRestoration.org is coordinating the design and implementation of sediment stabilization and removal projects in Black Gore Creek. These projects utilize new techniques and creative solutions for reducing the impact of sediment on the watershed such as sand wanding, geo-tubes and log cribbings. RiverRestoration.org identified potential projects outside of the highway corridor.
Untitled Image 3
The left picture shows construction of a capital project in the Black Gore Creek channel complete in 2006.
Implementations of capital projects began in 2006; and are expected to continue with watershed restoration efforts.

  • Designed Solutions to reduce Non-point source Sediment
  • Prioritized Projects based on a cost/benefit analysis