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RiverRestoration.org is dedicated to resolving River issues. RiverRestoration.org provides the creative planning, engineering and technical support required in any successful river project. Our philosophy is to take a whole system approach to river projects to meet the multiple needs of ecology, recreation and water users for an overall higher functioning system. We identify degradations, uncover use issues and site constaints, and find solutions that benefit the whole system.

Glenwood Springs River Recreation Enhancements (2006-2008)

Untitled Image
The low-flow feature being tested while still under construction.
Glenwood Springs
Colorado River, Colorado

Glenwood Springs has been working tirelessly towards a Whitewater Park since 2001. RiverRestoration.org was retained in 2006 and brought the solutions. The Colorado River posed magnitude greater design challenges than any other site in the State. The RiverRestoration.org design approach proved to be successful. Starting with river survey, development of feasibility with cost opinions, project phase planning, permitting with alternative analyses, and grant applications led to discovery of the appropriate course of action. A Federal Highways Administration License and FEMA CLOMR were required for this project. Final design plans and specifications were advertised for bid in fall of 2007. Phase One of the project is hugely successful with a big stable wave forming in the Spring of 2008.

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The drawing shows the conceptual plan of the preferred alternative design
  • River Park Development
  • Designed Drift Boat Passage
  • Design Solutions for Large River Construction
  • Low flow and High flow Features
  • FHA License and CLOMR
City of Glenwood Springs, CO