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RiverRestoration.org is dedicated to resolving River issues. RiverRestoration.org provides the creative planning, engineering and technical support required in any successful river project. Our philosophy is to take a whole system approach to river projects to meet the multiple needs of ecology, recreation and water users for an overall higher functioning system. We identify degradations, uncover use issues and site constaints, and find solutions that benefit the whole system.

Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program

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The image is of Butch Craig restoration. A 52 acre gravel pit was reconnected to the Gunnison River with seasonal flows.
Colorado and Utah
Upper Colorado River Basin

The bottomland sites adjacent to the upper Colorado River and its tributaries are essential habitat for endangered Colorado River fish species (razorback sucker, humpback chub, bonytail chub and Colorado pikeminnow). Water resources development, encroachment of non-native vegetation and landuse changes have resulted in the bottomlands being isolated from interaction with the river channel at all but high flows, often exceeding the 10-year flood.

Disturbed bottomland areas of the Colorado, Gunnison and Green Rivers are evaluated for potential to improve natural interaction and function with the main river channels. Analyses performed include hydrologic analysis, hydraulic analysis, sediment transport analysis, permitting, construction plan preparation and cost estimation. Fieldwork has included hydrographic surveys, topographic surveys and geomorphic observations. Restoration alternatives have been developed for each site and presented in floodability assessment reports. RiverRestoration.org personnel also assisted in the floodplain restoration implementation phase by providing construction surveying and inspection services. Successful restoration was implemented on the Gunnison River between Delta and Grand Junction and on the Colorado in Grand Junction. Final design and permitting has been performed on two other sites along the Colorado River near Grand Junction.

  • Habitat Restoration for Endangered Fish Species
  • Extensive Flood Plain Reconnection and Riparian Restoration